(905) Blues

by Scottmandu

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The songs document a turbulent period in my life when I learned that just because you want to love it doesn't mean you can trust only your own feelings. Simple lesson, hard to learn.


released July 23, 2009

All songs © Scott Sherman 2005

Produced by The Altitude Boys at The Rogue Music Lab, Toronto, Canada

Engineered and Mixed by James Paul
Mastered at The Lacquer Channel by James Paul

Design and Layout: Leigh Valliere/ OuttaSite Designs

Scott Sherman: Vocals, guitars, bass, piano, organ, keyboards, mandolin, drums, percussion
James Paul: Programming, piano, keyboards, percussion
Claude Kent: Drums
Don Barber: Vocals


all rights reserved



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Track Name: (905) Blues
Some say I’m too old but it’s no no joke
Tryin’ to make recirds and not go broke
The house was rockin’ on my borthday
I’m not over the hill but I got carried away

I was gone to the 905
Dropped ion a zone I didn’t recognize
Thought I knew but I got confused
By the (905) blues

Married in church one half-past June
Family’s betting on just how soon
My bride would figure out her mistake
When my hand she consented to take

I was lost in the 905
Wasn’t a dream I’d just been hypnotized
Lookin’ for the fountain of youth
I found the (905) blues

Now I’m back on the road in a rented van
And nobody cares where I am
But you can’t get far in the family car
Cause it’s always gonna show up on radar

Now I’m back from the 0905
Happy to say I made it out alive
Left behind what I couldn’t use
Now I’m sayin’ goodbye to those 905 blues
Track Name: Prisoner In Paradise
Just a day like any other
Sunlshine’s beating on the street
The kids are trying to shake their mother
And Daddy’s checking out the meat
Blackberries banging out the ringtones
You can’t ever be alone
You’re a prisoner in paradise
What’s happened to your happy home?

Now there’s a rumble in the distance
iPod’s drowning out the sound
Birds are bouncing off the windows
No-one’s looking on the ground
Surrounded by an eerie silence
Every creature holds its breath
You’re a prisoner in paradise

Suddenly the bedrock shakes
Suddenly the dragon wakes
Suddenly all bloody hell breaks loose

A scene of total devastation
We’re watchin’ it on CNN
The shape of this civilization
Crumbles into dust again
We should have known that it was coming
Everything fell apart so fast
We’re prisoners in paradise
We have all been set free at last
Track Name: Charade
You were something that I could strive for
Something to live and die for
It wasn’t easy trying to act like Jesus
When you were tempting like a temple priestess

I have always believed in magic
My life a drama either comic or tragic
So many years of seeking absolution
Just to discover it was all an illusion
Now every day I wake and wonder
What was the spell we were under?

So put yourself in my place
What do you think you’d do?
Now it’s too late to save face anymore
The time has come for us to end this game
And try to start anew
You never know what lies beyond the door

It’s a mystery of grand dimensions
Another myth another mad invention
And all the promises that were broken
Were only secrets that were never spoken

We were living inside a charade
An elaborate masquerade
Though all the clues were revealed unbidden
Still the solution remains well hidden
Now every day I wake and wonder
What was the spell we were under?
Track Name: One Of Them
You don’t smell your neighbour’s coffee
And you don’t hear them when they scream
These four walls that surround your life
They keep you clean
Separate the different races
So that you can feel secure
You don’t look and you won’t get hurt
Cause one thing’s sure

You’ve got to guard your heart like the finest pearl
Drawn from a distant sea kept hidden from a greedy world
It’s worth your weight in blood in the eyes of men
It’s all I want and cannot touch for I- I am one of them

When I set out cross the wasteland
For the peaceful riverside
I still hope for a sign that you
Care I’m alive
But you don’t notice that I’m passing
You would fear me if you knew
You tune out what you can’t control
And do what you must do

You have good reasons for how you’re behaving
You’re on a mission this world needs saving

You’ve got to guard your heart…
It’s all I want and cannot touch
It gives me hope and means so much
For I- I am one of them